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Sweet Extra Virgin Jamaican Coconut Oil 250ml
Sweet Extra Virgin Jamaican Coconut Oil 250ml

Sweet Extra Virgin Jamaican Coconut Oil 250ml

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*Clip on top is not the method for coldpressed coconut oil

If you've been missing the smell of the Islands, our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will have you reminiscing about the; blue skies, soft sand, beeming sun, the whispering breeze and the sweet, sweet smell of the Coconuts.

Coconuts are a staple product in Jamaica, which has many uses & we make many uses for Coconuts love in our cooking;

¹ being used for its milk to use in our rich & creamy Rice & Peas & delicious porridges.

² the oil is used to fry


³ for its flesh to make treats, such as the famous; Grater Cake aka Coconut Ice & Coconut Drops... dont know what these are. Not to worry ill post a link right here & here for you to see. 

While we know, that your not here to read about the way Jamaica use Coconuts in food. We have also been using the Oil of  Coconuts on our Hair & Skin for many generations. With a gentle rub, you instantly smell the natural sweet aroma that our Coconut Oil releases at the palm of your hands.

With Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, its made a bit differently than your standard Coconut Oils. Ours, is Coldpressed! Which means we limit the amount of heat that goes into making the oil. Reduction of heat, increases the sweetness and purity of our Oils, Which titles the name "Virgin".

As summer time is also approaching, Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a perfect staple peice to add to your beauty regime. Our Coconut Oil is super light on the skin, melts effortlessly & is packed with Loads of Vitamin E & smells divine on the skin.


Nb. We've added short clip on how you would generally make Coconut Oil with heat. 

Check it out x


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