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Melanin Made is a small business ran by Ri, who is an enthusiast over anything natural, organic & environmentally friendly.

I first began my journey by growing & producing my own JBCO back home in Jamaica. My Nan used to complain about her Arthritis & begged me to produce some oil to help ease her leg pain. 

With my love of organic trade, sustainability, health & wellness, ontop of everything unique and fabulous i decided to create a brand that catered to wellness in all forms.

Thanks to my Nana, i was able to create Melanin Made

As an Afro- Caribbean I aim to provide quality pieces on the site, that reflect the beauty of my cultural background, in due time i hope to bring quality essential oils and up & coming beauty brands on to my site, aswell as stocking other brands that also reflect & support my ethos, of fair & ethical trading.

I take pride in selecting and producing quality products, which have been handpicked to reflect my moral ethics.

I am a bit of a Eco-maniac & nature nerd, whose trying to do a fair bit by adding less waste to the world.

A lot of of my products are either reusable, biodegradable or sustainable and have been safely tested.

I hope you love the products i offer on the site as much as do


Peace & Blessings

Ri 🌻